Flooring Types

When a person is looking for flooring for their home there are many different options. Some nice flooring types will look great in the home. Here is some information about flooring and the type of materials used.


This is one of the most common options. There are many different colors and textures to select from. Carpet can be made from different types of material so it is a diverse choice. Carpeting is often softer than other materials and is a popular choice for many bedrooms.


This type of flooring can be similar to tile. The flooring is flexible and the surface is softer than tile. This material can be durable. This option is more cost effective. It comes in many different designs and colors. The top layer is made of felt or foam. The top layer has a finish so it is scratch resistant. This flooring should last for around 15 years.

Polished Concrete

This flooring is a new trend and is a modern design. There are different colors, stains, and dyes that can be added to the floor. Installing a concrete flooring needs to be done in steps and will require installation from a professional.


This is one of the most expensive types of flooring but will look luxurious. Stone is of high quality and can be made from stones such as marble or granite. This flooring will need to be sealed if a softer stone is used but it will stay looking great. This flooring can cost as much as $100 a square foot depending on the type of stone that is used.

These are some types of flooring that are popular in the home. These flooring types come in different textures and colors. A person can find the right look and material for their home.