Types of Flooring

When a person is looking for flooring for their home there are many different types. Here is an explanation of the most common types of flooring.


This flooring is made from real wood. It commonly used oak, cherry, or walnut trees. These floors are attractive to look at but they do scratch easily. This flooring can be expensive but it does look good.

Engineered Wood

This wood style is more affordable. It is made from a layer of real wood with several layers of ply plank. It looks like hardwood and is moisture resistant. There are many colors and sizes to select from.


Bamboo is a type of wood and it is eco-friendly. The coloring is usually light bit can be stained. This flooring can be expensive but it will look great in the home.


This flooring looks like wood but it had been seal and mounted. It is often made from plywood or compressed fiber to be durable. Laminate does not have a real layer of wood. There are laminate flooring types that will look like real wood without the high cost.


This flooring has come a long way over the years. There are many attractive and modern designs. This flooring is made from renewable material such as cork and is said to be environmentally friendly. The sheets of linoleum can be glued right to the floor. It also has a coating so it is resistant to wear and staining.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles come in many colors and designs. It is durable and there are many different types of tile to select from. Ceramic is the most popular.

These are some of the flooring types to choose from. The flooring that will be right for the home will depend on the needs and the budget of the homeowner.